Wednesday 21 November 2012

Good News for the BBC...

It's been such a horrible time for the BBC that, fresh from their success with City of Edinburgh Council, FEDAGA have offered to step in.

They have got a bit carried away and already made a pilot show for broadcast to the plebs public.  And here it is:

Who said history doesn't repeat itself?

Just a few notes:
FEDAGA is Edinburgh's Allotment representative association.
FEDAGA came up with the proposal to "ramp up" the rents from £30 to £100 in steps of £10 per year.

Members of the Committee have advocated to me that there are no such things as allotments anymore:  they should be called "Leisure Gardens";  Rents should go up by several hundred pounds; Peppercorn rents should be consigned to history, and bizarrely. "People don't appreciate what they've got unless they pay for it". There is truly a collective madness abroad.  And it's one that suits the Council down to the ground!!!

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  1. You could do your own FEDAGA promo Mal, It could go viral and make enough money to pay for your plot!