Sunday 25 November 2012

Well that's the limit!

Looks like Google have had enough of running Blogger as a loss leader and  have introduced charging. So anyone  wanting to post pictures on their Blogger blog will have to pay in future. Would like to be mistaken.

I did so enjoy comparing notes with other vegetable growers!  If it isn't just a glitch - Bye!


  1. Where have you got your information from Mal?

  2. Matron got the same warning at the same time, Sue. So I put two and two together!

    I guess I could become an essayist!

  3. I think it's all to do with the size of pictures uploaded to Blogger. As far as I know all the pictures we upload don't count towards our 1GB Blogger limit as they're reduced in size from their original massive camera size.
    Sue's preparing a post as I blog.

  4. There are ways and means Mal...seriously check out Sue's post!!