Wednesday 27 May 2009

Bank Holiday Brassicas

Most of the holiday has been spent weeding, but I'm in high spirits because I started planting out the brassica patch! That may seem a small deal but before you plant out brassicas there are several key steps you have to have in place. It's a bit like a military campaign:

Here's the advance party

and here's 'Desert Storm'

We don't send the troops out there without training them (growing them on under protection), waiting for the right weather conditions ('summer'), protecting them from arial bombardment (nets to keep the pidgeons off), and keeping them supplied with water and food. In addition brassicas are susceptible slugs (pellets required), root fly (see collars below) and that's not even mentioning clubroot!

I tell you it's a brassica field!

Maybe I've over hyped that, but when I didn't have the time to take care of everything the brassicas were the first thing to go, because they are so fussy.

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