Wednesday 13 May 2009

Whose Bean Germinating

Blue sky all day, but dropping temperatures at night have been wreaking havoc in Edinburgh. I have found it beneficial to sow beans in small pots or even modules in May so that they get a head start when they are planted out in early June. One problem - lack of space. The mini greenhouse is fine for 'usual' conditions, but these cold nights have sent me scurrying for cover for the newly sown beans in the house or shed overnight. So now some have germinated (and look a bit poorly) and some haven't, and I've completely lost track of which tray has which beans in it. The only saving fact is that all the ones I have sown need poles to support them.

These are 'Pea Beans' I'm growing for the first time this year. They look fabulous, need poles for support and can be eaten fresh or dried. I'm anticipating drying them, because there is always such a glut of pod beans. (By the way, no, I didn't sow them all in the one pot)

..and make sure you click on the photo to expand the picture and see these in close up!

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