Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Autumn exhaustion

Took down the supports for the climbing beans this weekend. A real sign that vegetable growing season has changed. The remaining Barlotti's will have to be dried off indoors at home. It's a depressing time, especially when I see how much work is needed to get the plot in shape before the winter 'break'. 

To cheer myself up I packeted up some of the beans I've already dried.

There's Canadian Wonder

Magic Purple Podded Climbing Bean "Malagrowther"

as well as Barlotti

Well that's what 99% of them looked like. When I podded these two (which looked the same as the rest on the outside) the beans were purple. I've saved them in a separate envelope clearly labelled.  I wonder what the next generation will look like?


  1. When I was teaching we used dried beans and pulses in artwork . The colours can be amazing can't they?

  2. HHHmmmm... so I wonder what will grow from those beans??? Maybe a magic beanstalk with something extra tasty...and yet we have to wait three more seasons to find out!!

  3. I think you have very high standards. You should visit our plot and see how prepared you really are in comparison.

  4. I watched Jamie Oliver doing a quick cassoulet last night, so that's where the last of our beans are going.

  5. Cassoulet gets my vote! Great selection of beans Mal.

  6. Hi Mal!
    Beautiful colors, especially those purple ones!
    I harvested my climbing beans a month ago. There was only enough to save for the seeds for next year. I wonder if they will grow more pods if they are sowed earlier (I sowed mine in June)...