Thursday, 16 June 2011

Surprise Surprise!

From my last posting you might think I was a stickler for weeding, but I do have a a very liberal attitude towards some "weeds".  A rosette of furry leaves appeared alongside the strawberry patch.  I didn't know what it was or what it would turn into, but I left it to its own devices. Neighbours enquired what it was and I had to admit I didn't know.  Well now "the thing" has revealed it's true nature and I am happy to say "Great Mullein, that's amazing!"

Great Mullein!

Leaves like lambs ears

Verbascum thapsus

It turns out that this plant has been used to cure everything from piles to earache, is immune to contact weedkillers (because of its furry leaves) and has at least 40 common names ranging from Adam's Rod to Cowboy Toilet Paper. It seems the dried stems make a good torch  (it is known as the Candlewick Plant). I might try that.

Oh, I mentioned the strawberries. they are coming on stream, unimpressed by their imposing neighbour.

picked 16/6/11


  1. some 'weeds' can have a magnifecnt side of them. Talking of magnificent...LOOK AT THOSE STRAWBERRIES!!!!!!!

    Martin :)

  2. Goodness me that is exciting - it's HUGE! Nothing that exciting pops up in my garden Mal, and certainly nothing that I could use as toilet paper...

    Your strawberries look great too, I am still waiting for mine to come on. Waiting, waiting, waiting...

    ps what is coming on stream??

  3. Well Ali, it's a management term referring to when they switch the sausage machine on and the product goes all over the place.... but whatever it means there's going to be a flood as I have expanded from one to four strawberry patches this year! I didn't have the courage to ditch my old patch before the new ones had proved they would deliver. Next year I will consolidate (another management term which means throw half of them out).

    ps You have a banana tree (and radishes) and you say your garden doesn't provide you with excitement???

  4. The caterpillars that love mullein are pretty impressive too!

  5. we used to pick the flower stalks and whomp each other with them as kids. no wonder i'm senile so early in life!

  6. Love the plant name - very cottage garden.
    It must be warmer over on the south side - I'm sure my strawberries aren't ripe yet. Mind you, since I haven't been to the plot all week, all sorts of things might have happened. Am going to take your gardening in the rain example and get along there today, whatever the weather.