Thursday 24 May 2012

Do they know something?

There are a couple of swans on our local pond and they have been incubating a batch of eggs for simply ages. During that time we had wind hail and about 6 weeks of rain. Then last Saturday they hatched:

Since then the weather has been glorious.

They sure picked the right time to make their appearance!

After my last experiment I don't expect this video to work. But I hope it does:


  1. Strangely the video doesn't work for me message is this video is currently unavailable try again later. Have you tried using YouTube.

    The photos of the cynets are gorgeous you just want to stroke the fluffy feathers.

    1. I've uploaded again. Hope it lasts this time!

    2. That worked Mal and was lovely.

  2. I think signets are so adorable...and the video worked great Mal...well done!!

    Plus I think nature has more idea than us civilised humans with what's going on with the weather.

  3. Aw - they're lovely! There were 5 cygnets and 2 swans on the Water of Leith just behind our house at the weekend. Martha loved feeding them.