Tuesday 29 May 2012

Sun Stroked

Been busy.  For the most part I've been on my knees grubbing up weeks with a trowel.  Not a nice picture. But yesterday I finally got to do some planting!  The courgettes were coming on strong in the good weather so 4 of them took the trip to the plot. (Hope they survive until I return with the slug pellets)

Leeks and Courgette
 It won't be long before these beans need to be planted out too.  I've prepared the ground (more weeding) and last thing yesterday I put up the climbing bean poles.
Bean Go
Also begging to be moved on to the plot are the brassicas.  No chance of these moving until I've got the nets sorted out.

Brassica Bed

Elsewhere the potatoes have appeared and I've started mounding them. Things are really looking up. 

That leaves the carrots, parsnips and onions from seed - so far a complete no show! Roll on the 4 day weekend!


  1. What a great show! So envious of the beans. Two plantings here right out in the garden so far (gone)...and one in the summerhouse where the bugs can't get them. When they are about a foot tall, will put them out. Even then, they get attacked. At least the crows don't pull them out at that stage!! I swear they watch me and wait a day or so and come down to dig the beans out when they are soft and ready to germinate.

  2. I've been on my knees grubbung about too - but I use a fork. No doubt they will grow again as soon as my back is turned.

  3. I love when the garden gets under way. You'll be screaming about pests and animals in no time!

  4. I think we have all been on our knees trying to combat the weeds...only to turn around and then have to start all over again!!