Wednesday 30 May 2012

Scrap Heap Challenge

I snapped this as I left  the plot last night, very proud of my efforts. There's the Blueberry cage, the runner beans protected by fleece and two patches of French beans also fleeced. To the left are strawberries to the right the broad beans.

...but in the cold light of day it looks like a trash heap. The fence in the foreground isn't properly suspended and the bunk bedsteads are materials looking for a project.  (I had thought they would make the basis for a rudimentary polytunnel )

Things don't look much better in daylight.

There's the pipe redeemed from a skip and behind the shed the contingency woodpile including about 20 10ft lengths of wood....     ....OK I admit it - I AM A RECYCLER


  1. Hmm, have you been watching 'the hoarder next door'? LOL
    Good idea to use old bedsteads! My garden is full of wigwams right now, no fleece , although I felt like putting mine on again today, brrr.

  2. Maybe you could make a summerhouse!

  3. You could use the bedsteads for training your squash plants up to keep them off the ground. I am sure all your recycled stuff will come in useful eventually.

  4. Be proud to be are recycler you save a lot off money and save some stuff from the landfill. We are also recycling or reusing as much as it possible.

  5. Nothing wrong with recycling especially down the plot. I had a clear out a while back and made over £20 on scrap metal, including some identical bed frames to yours, which I had used for a couple of years as pea supports.

  6. Recycling is great...I am a firm believer in using anything you can get cheap or free wherever possible!