Sunday 23 September 2012

Edinburgh Allotments - FEDAGA

FEDAGA is the representative body for Edinburgh allotment holders. Every Edinburgh allotment tenant (about 1,300 in total) is a paying member.

You might be surprised that FEDAGA has suggested to City of Edinburgh Council that rents are INCREASED and that they dispense with funding the scheme for funding a 50% subsidy to the elderly and unemployed.

Here is the FEDAGA document that proves both these:

The "Analysis" makes it clear that the Acting Chairman and Show Secretary knew what he was doing when he drafted this:

It states

1. This level of rents would cover the Council's costs of administering the allotments and generate a surplus.

2. The above surplus, coupled with savings made by elimination the Councils own proposed "subsidy" deficit, generates £57,725 of capital over 5 years."

That's the FEDAGA Committee proposing to take £57,725 out of the pockets of FEDAGA members!!!

To add to the irony, there is a limit of one plot per person, so the justification of new plots cannot benefit those existing members whose cash is being allocated for that purpose.

No surprisingly FEDAGAS proposals were accepted by the Council and the program has reached the £80 level this year and will rise to £100.

I don't think the members realise what their executive has done in their name.

If you are an Edinburgh allotment holder you need to be aware of what has been done in your name - It's going to be costing you £60 extra on your rent every year!


  1. I does make you wonder who's side they are on doesn't it? I wonder what then happens when the allotment bubble bursts and they have lots of empty plots - already on our site there are signs of enthusiasm waning.

  2. That is absolutely disgraceful and very unfair. Is there really nothing you can do? X

    1. Well I did lodge a formal complaint - and guess what the Councilreply was: We have consulted Edinburgh Allotment holders through their representative body FEDAGA. It's a hard one to counter. You can tell from the Yahboo comments left to my last post by the instigator of all this that he is not about to give up what he has gone out of his way to engineer! It's an uphill battle but justice needs to be restored for Edinburghs 1,300 allotment tenants.

  3. It is always about them making more money for themselves and not the best interests of their tenants. Also like Sue says...what happens if interest wanes...will they then increase the rents even more so they still get the money they want??