Friday 14 September 2012

No watering this year!

The one area that has benefited from all the rain this year is our normally neglected front garden.  It is north facing onto a busy street and is the one area that is reserved for ornamentals.  Ordinarily I am reluctant to water as I have to cart water through the house or trail the hose through it, never a good idea as you soon discover if you have a leak. But this year there has been no need to water at all! 

No water tub

Aside from the tubs we have a couple of hydrangeas, and they love water. They have rewarded us this year with a giant flower show:

Happy Hydrangeas

All puffed up!

So there's always a silver lining, if you look for it.


  1. I agree matter what nature throws at us we will find some good it in we got to see your lovely front garden!!

  2. Looks great Mal - I shudder to think of a hose leak in the house!!!

    I think the secret of success is growing lots of different things as there is always something then that will enjoy the conditions when other things fail. It's one reason we grow different varieties of things such as potatoes.