Sunday 9 September 2012

Slugging It Out

Late season review - 

There's a sense of panic here as the days are noticeably shorter and the nights are cooler. Will the tomatoes ripen?  or the blueberries?

Green Bluberries
It's time to start picking carrots. Two nets have produced after resowing, but when I weeded the third there was just one carrot!

Parsnips and Carrots
 Thank goodness the runner beans are producing at last!

Runner Beans - At Last
Jerusalem artechoke
Perhaps I planted the jerusalem artechoke just a bit too close to the beans, but this is one crop that has thrived in the conditions this year.

 My 100 brassicas have reduced to around 90 as the early sprouting broccoli and most the cauliflowers bolted. Today I uprooted the lost causes and weeded the rest.

For the record here's the potato patched ravished by blight I cut the tops off a couple of weeks ago.  No one escaped.

The alliums are looking a bit sorry, but next year's leeks are in good shape for next spring.

The slugs - no horror pictures, but they have been the biggest threat this year.  I would have had a decent crop of late strawberries - but the slugs got there first.  The few in the first picture were all that ewere salvageable. But look on the bright side. At least I never had to water this year!


  1. Hey Mal...well you have had it worst than most this year and yet you are still so optimistic...I really admire that.

    So has the sewage problem been sorted?? Are all the veggies you showed us going to be edible??

    Very jealous of your carrots, out of three sowing I had three germinate!!

    Hows the celeriac doing?

    1. Hi Tany - Boiling veg to a mush (no raw carrots - sob) but otherwise only eating things that grow off the ground or up poles.

      The council have taken some soil samples but have yet to declare the results! (We've had another flood since)

      Celeriac progressing slowly

  2. I've late producing runner beans as well and they finally seem to be thriving. Fingers crossed for a decent harvest (or two) before frost.

    1. You would think we are due some weather pay off at the end of the season...

  3. Netting is such a good idea...!

  4. Yes 2012 must officially be - year of the mollusc!