Saturday, 10 April 2010


Living several miles away from my plot and not having a secure shed I have to bring with me whatever I need to use each day. Invariably I foget (or fail to foresee) something. Once or twice it has been the key to get into the site (particularly annoying as I tend to keep different hours and the entrance is some distance from the working area) but usually it's something less vital but pretty irritating. Have you tried lighting a fire without matches? Result - I tend to accumulate clobber that is transported back and forth - just in case...

Today I emptied out the several carrier bags that are cluttering up the corridor/ coal cellar/car boot:

Time I took down the dilapedated greenhouse and replaced it with a shed! The only problem being that sheds get broken into and the more secure you make your shed the more effort the vandals make to open them, either by toppling them, prising the roof off or failing all else burning them down. Perhaps I'm stuck with my clobber.

But just in case you think I'm prevaricating because I've done no work on the plot, I have also been turning this...

... into this...

... and sowing carrots....

... and cosseting the strawberries.

Oh, and the spuds are all in!

Don't you just love a holiday?


  1. Gosh but you've been busy. Isn't this weather great too? As for all your gear, just think if you're ever caught in the sudden outbreak of WW3, the plague or Armageddon you'll be well sorted. Perhaps you could dig a huge pit and have a secret bunker? Just one thing I don't understand, this word, "holiday"?

  2. I'm in exactly the same situation, no shed, so the car boot is stuffed full of everything I need. Looks like you've been busy this weekend, it makes such a difference when we get some decent weather.

  3. With the amount of times I walk the few feet from my garage to plot just to get one job done, continually forgetting one thing or another I can only imagine the frustration of driving miles to find you've forgotten the damn key! You've got a huge amount done though, hope the decent weather continues.

  4. I like your carrot cloches, did you buy those or make them yourself? They look better than anything anyone on our allotment has.

  5. I remember the days of having no shed ar greenhouse and my carport looking like something more resembling a tip. Luckily our site id overlooked by houses and has no light at night so tends to be avoided by vandals and now with my shed a greenhouse in place i have a garden back. Well in all your forgetfulness you have got plenty done so just imagine how much more you could accomplish if you ever become

  6. We do exactly the same. Our car is a mobile shed.

    We leave stuff like plant food in our shed but nothing that may tempt a thief. We even carry our portable coffee making stove back and forth as these seem to be targets.

    Our shed is basiclly a coffee house!

  7. Very wise, I'd say, after our second break-in in two years.

    So you noticed that our heap's still there? It is, but it's smaller!!

    Nice to 'meet' another Edinburgh allotmenteer.

  8. You need to number everything in the pic, and give us a key so we can work out what kit you have that we are missing! I love bits of kit. Sometimes I buy tools just because I can!

  9. Izzy, I took some time off over Easter, and got to spend a very small part of it at the plot.

    Jo, Yes the weather is crucial.

    Dynamo, Gnnnnrrrr

    Nina, my carrot cloches are thrip net kits I purchased at considerable expense, only ameliorated by the fact that the Organic Gardening people sent me three but only charged me for the two I ordered. I've cribbed their design for my fleece cloches which are made from a 100m roll of 3mm fencing wire (£15) and fleece at 90p per metre. (a lot cheaper)

    Tany, Glad to hear you are coping so well with your second plot. Thanks for the award. I'll try and cope with it.

    GLA, I aspire to coffee on site!!!

    Linda, I've got my own heap which I'm whittling away at. It features on my ery first post, when I didn't realise what a blot on the landscape it was. I thought it was just "the fireplace"!

    No chance Iggy. That's just the part of my armory that is being carted back and forth currently. As you can tell I'm big on fencing at the moment.