Saturday 17 April 2010

Gone fishin'

Just a boring catch up post, so I thought I'd brighten this post up with a picture or two of a visitor to our local pond this week.

Boring statistics:
Time spent:
Last Saturday 2 hrs
Sunday -nil
Midweek 1/2 hr - (Woohoo) my first evening visit this on Tuesday
Today - nil

Money spent this week: £50 - growbags(x3), tomato plants (x6 each different) chicken pellet manure, slug pellets (organic approved), grit, sand, gravel and more fleece + coriander seeds.

And I've swallowed my pride and decided to chit (sic) some parsnip seeds. You might just be able to read that one side has T&T (Tender & True) and the other HC (Hollow Crown) written on the wet kitchen paper. I'm ready with the tweezers if and when these sprout.


  1. Love herons. Bought some very nice compost at East Fortune Sunday market, produced by a Longniddry company called Garden Solutions.( to sow my parsnips in a big tub of it to-morrow.

  2. The first evening visit of the season is always something to celebrate.

    I'll look out for an allotment gardener next time I pass your 'modernist' (better than 'brutalist'?) building! But then again maybe like me you have to put on school uniform during the week.

  3. I have 'chitted' my parsnips this year and they are actually starting to sprout after three weeks...this is the most success i have ever had with parsnips so I'm very impressed!!! Hope yours sprout too.

  4. Izzy, Does that mean you are going to show your parsnips this year or that you don't hae enough room to grow them in the open? Garden solutions - free delivery to Edinurgh and the Lothians. Mmmm.

    Linda, I've left comment on your (other) blog. Is your site responding to the CEC consultation on the Allotment Strategy document, or are you happy with the FEDAGA contribution (including the rent rises)?

    Tany, 3 weeks, yikes! No wonder people throw them out without realising they are just slow...

  5. Herons are lovely but not when they are in your garden pond!

  6. My food is purely for eating but I thought I'd try containerising the parsnips as I don't have deep soil.Always grow carrots in big pots, lovely roots and no carrotfly damage.