Sunday 18 April 2010

More Rhubarb - More Daffs

Lifted the lid on the dalek at the plot today and found this:

Took the dalek away:

In its full glory:

Neighbours, everbody needs good neighbours...

Back home:

Boy it tasted sweet.... and sour. Mmmmm

And here's some more daffs




Time spent at plot this weekend: 1.5 hrs in the rain - 1 new fleece cloche full of beets (roots and leaf). Also picked som rhubarb!
Money spent: £30 - Bamboo canes (beanpoles) Potting Compost, Peat pots (for beans) Tarragon (French) (Two visits to the Garden Centre in one weekend. Naughty)

...and I think I forgot to record my purchase of 100m wire two weeks ago
Money spent £15.50!!!


  1. I haven't quite dared keep a tally of allotment spending. Good for you counting the bawbees.

    And proudly displaying your green credentials with the Ecover washing up liquid!

    Oh, great rhubarb, by the way.

  2. I need to plant more rhubarb, missing out on this bounty.

  3. That rhubarb looks great...and you had rain???? We haven't seen any in a week and a half!!!!

    Hope we get a good downpour soon as I want some water in my butts!!!

    I daren't keep a tally on the spends this year....making too much new stuff..maybe next year lol!

    P.S. Your soil is so dark...mine is almost red in comparison...don't know if thats good, bad, or just area!

  4. Eeek, Linda, you can see around corners - I'm going to worry now.

    Dynamo - Yes, do it! (Mind you, you're already covering the other 50 vegetable growing challenges.)

    Tany - If your red soil is "marl" then it is reputedly the best soil. Ours is alluvial loam, another good one, laid down by the burn (stream) that runs alongside the site for all geological time. I grew up with clay, so this is a dream!

  5. Happy Crumble!
    Don't those stalks in the vase look like fantastic modern floristry.

  6. Still not pulled any rhubarb here yet, your's is looking yummy. Daffodils look so good en masse.

  7. The daffodils seem to be lasting much longer this year - or is it my imagination

  8. Man, that rhubarb looks good. I love it in a vase too! We have a large metal bowl in the middle of the dining table filled with vegetables, which I like. Sadly they're all from the supermarket at present!

    Total spent £45.50? You need to get to the shops a bit smartish. I tried adding up what I've spent so far. When I got close to silly money I stopped.

  9. is blanching rhubarb a common task on your side of the planet? its something i have never considered (or even heard of), but i am now. it actually looks quite pretty, neon pink and chartreuse!

  10. Icebear, there's a tradition of "forcing" rhubarb (in heated sheds closed off to light) in a specific area of the county of Yorkshire known as the "Rhubarb Triangle". This results in a highly marketable product, as it is ahead of all the outdoor homegrown competition. "Blanched" rhubarb as you correctly call this crop from the unheated process isn't as early but is still ahead of the competition. Every grower I know can't resist popping a pot over one of their clumps in the hope of getting an earlier crop (than their neighbours). Most (like myself last year) don't choose a big enough pot! Hope that answers your question.

  11. Nifty blanched rhubard. So what is the dalek exactly? Anyhow, it makes for a good forcer. How would you describe the difference between forced and non forced rhubarb? Mmmm.... rhubarb.

  12. Living in the Yorkshire triangle and growing lots of rhubarb let me the the first to say we don't force any just let it grow naturally.

    If anyone is interested I have an article with photos of the rhubarb triangle on my website her

    Click on the places to visit button on the left

  13. That rhubarb is looking very pretty. Althought I have never tasted one.

  14. I can't wait for rhubarb in my garden. I used to have strawberry rhubarb pies growing up and haven't ever since.