Monday, 5 April 2010

Thurso - That's where it is!

I'd like to thank the municipal council for doing such a good job of labelling things in Thurso. As I promised to post a picture of daffodils at Easter in Thurso, the labelling of the tub was more than helpful!

As you can see they are a bit behind, but not that much!

Other things are well labelled too - like the Tourist Office

One thing not well labelled is the seal colony in the town centre. Probably just as well! Those brown lumps on the futhest point on the island are seals.

Here's another view:

I didn't get closer as they got nervous.

I appreciate this isn't anything to do with growing vegetables in an Edinburgh allotment but at least you can appreciate why I haven't got much done lately.

For the record

Time spent
last week: 1hr (sorting strawberry patch - rain stopped play)
this week: Good Friday 1hr (ditto)

On the plus side, money spent: nil (I already had the strawberry mulch mats from last year!)

Next week it's going to be sow, sow, sow.


psst - The daffodils aren't later in Thurso, it's just that when they come out they hop on the bus south. Here's some I caught in the act...


  1. You'd never forget you're in Thurso! never been that far north furthest I've been is the Black Isle.

  2. Good luck with the sowing...and don't worry about it not being all's nice to see where you live too...just in case I ever visit Edinburgh!

  3. The Tourist Office sign on the wheelie bin made me smile - is the information they give out rubbish!

  4. Well, I've never been to Thurso, but is reassuring to know that should I ever be dumped from a speeding motor, the array of signage will let me know exactly where I have landed!

  5. I don't think I'd have got much done either if I had a chance to observe seals. Amazing.