Sunday 28 November 2010

Snow Stopped Play

Here's the view from the park this morning:

 And that's on top of the Friday night snow.  Yesterday's sunny spell was spent repairing the brassica nets :

Job done

We've had another six inches of snow since then so they probably need reparing again before the pigeons polish them off. 


  1. I love snow!
    We had our first snow on Saturday, but it melted next morning. I hope there will be more soon.

  2. We're apprently in for a dose on Tuesday and Wednesday. Mind you, it hasn't been above freezing for a few days. The only things left out there are cabbages and kale. Everything else is either in soups or the freezer now!

  3. Very cold here but anly a light snowfall - we are quite sheltered and often escape when all around is white but that sounds as though iit won't last and more snow is forecast

  4. Dear Mal, I couldn't quite tell, but do you top your netting posts with anything? My Dad used jam jars to stop the net slipping down. As for pigeons, this year I had a great success with an Elizabethan style birdscarer known as a hawk. I made a "doughnut" of polystyrene and stuck feathers all around it like a windmill, then suspended it between two wigwams. It birls round in the wind and the pigeons think it's a hawk landing.

  5. We've got snow, but we're forcast more overnight and the rest of the week too. It doesn't look like there were many people in the park on Sunday morning while you were dog walking.

  6. wow...that is definitely snow!! We haven't had too much and I am hoping it stays that way but the forecast isn't looking good!!

  7. Proper snow Mal, we were supposed to have a call with clients in Edinburgh this afternoon but they closed their office for the day. Doesn't happen in Salisbury unfortunately!

  8. Mrs M loves snow too! All Edinburgh schools were shut today and will be tomorrow! A four day weekend - and she's spent it catching up in the marking.

    Izzy, there was a margarine tub on on the tallest metal post (which was pinged off). I don't find the wooden posts need caps, although I might rethink my netting strategy given recent experience. I follow your bird scarer design until the "two wigwams" appear. Please post something on this as your readership would be interested to know more!

    Jo, If you double click on the picture it expands and you can just see two sentinel figures - other dog walkers. Some weekends there can be a dozen standing around in a circle like extras from The Wicker Man - at 7:30am.

    Just for fun I might do a post on today's commute to work! Edinburgh's experience may be heading your way, Tany, Damo.