Monday 22 November 2010

Winter sentries

Come winter - thank goodness for brassicas. Standing sentry are the couple of rows of Swedish Turnips/Swedes/Rutabaga/Neeps.  With St Andrews Day fast approaching and Burns Night on January 25th is it any wonder that this hardy veg features so prominently in the Scottish culinary tradition!

Here's some more winter fare. (This time I cleaned them up.)


  1. We didn't plant any swedes or turnips this year and least said about sprouts the better but we do have lots and lots of carrots and hopefully parsnips.

    Leeks are still fairly small as we kept waiting for a bit of moisture in the soil to plant them out so were rather late!

  2. Looking good Mal, I should have grown swede this year they look great!

  3. Still amazed by your parsnips.

  4. Although a Welshcake who has made Scotland my home, I often cook up something to mark St Andrews and Rabbie Burns Night. So when I do, I will sure be linking my Swede recipe to your site for my readers to see 'neeps'.I hope you won't mind this.

    Wondeerful harvest, I'm very Envious of your brussel harvest though :) I so miss my allotment space. Happy eating.

  5. wow..those look great...i can't wait for next year when I will have time and space for turnips and swedes...and I have learnt so much more this year about winter brassicas too!!