Monday, 29 November 2010

Walking nine to five...

... or three actually: We were let home early.

Yesterday the signs were there...

...and this morning proved a slow start. That's the bus driver and two passengers bump starting the  stranded car...

...and that's the next bus wedged against the bus stop (where it stayed for the next four hours).

So I guess its a calming walk on the canal towparth on foot for me.

 All frozen at Harrison Park

In case you were in any  doubt, that's Scottish snow!

It seems I'm not alone

Approaching the canal basin that used to be Scottish and Newcastle on the left, and the new developement ahead and on the right. Right in the middle...

the restored lift bridge.

...and so to work

I do hope I'm not on sentry duty today...


  1. Hope that the birds don't get frozen into the canal water! The dog looks really interested in the guys trying to push the car - maybe thinking - you are supposed to get in and drive the thing!

  2. wow...thats plenty of snow but I think Lincolnshire is trying to rival scotland right now...much to my dismay!! Here's hoping it doesn't last long....Although it's pretty when you're inside I hate having to go out in it!!

  3. Sue, We helped push another car earlier, but the dog didn't know what was going on and barked at other shunters!

    Tany, Modern clothing (and central heating) makes small of the worst nature throws at us. If you don't watch out I'll do a post about my hat!

  4. Loads of snow Mal, it's been snowing all day in Salisbury but not sticking, too warm down here!

  5. I've been stuck indoors by illness, so nice to see what I'm missing! Husband and daughter have been bringing back photos from the city centre to show me. Daughter's school was closed Monday and Tuesday, but they've reopened today. She was going to go in even if it had still been closed to collect books from her locker and speak to any of her subject teachers who were in about her work. Honestly, the youth of today!

  6. Can you believe that the Sarf is rivalling Siberia tonight. I'm proper proud. Gawd bless ya Mary Poppins!

  7. My kids were sent home from school at 1.30 on Monday and haven't been back in since. The snow does make everything look so pretty though.