Monday, 9 May 2011

There are no wrong answers...

Here are my test results....

The top grid is my daily tally of emerged beans.

The bottom grid is the points awarded:
 7 points for earliest appearance of leaves clear of soil level,
6 for the next day,
5 for the next day....

... down to 1 point for emerging on day 7.

No points for appearing more than a week after the first bean.

My hypothesis?

Sideways planted beans would score less points than those planted with the scar (helum) pointing down.

The result:

If anything the opposite was true.

Conclusion:  the differences I recorded last year was down to chance variation.

At least I will get to eat my results as well as my pride!

You've bean rummbled!

You're a has bean, Mal


  1. I've been waiting with bated breath for these results. Much more interesting than the election ones...

  2. They tricked you!

    How strange that it was so different from one year to the next.

    Oh well, it was fun to see. :o)

  3. Ah, the wonder of nature! What fun! Thanks for sharing these..

  4. very interesting. i love the beans when they sprout. they look like cute little aliens.

  5. Hi Mal, popping back to enlist your help as an Edinburgher. Can you identify the locations at 4.11 and 4.22 in the video in Saturday's 'extreme cycling' post on my Occasional Scotland blog? It's driving me mad...

  6. Interesting. My sister told me recently that the best way to grow beans is with the scar at the bottom. I was always led to believe to sow the bean on its side and l have never had problems with germination. Guess there is no right or wrong to this.

  7. Excellent, I am going to go back to just bunging them any which way.

  8. Damn, I planted mine scar downwards before reading this!

  9. It's always great to find out that you're not quite as clued up as first thought!! I don't have a method with planting my beans...they just get shoved in the pots and I hope for the best. I have had to do it three times already this year. First I had dud seed, then the next lot got killed in the frost...third time lucky hopefully!!

  10. Great experiment. Last year, before I read that you're supposed to plant them on their side, I planted all of my beans vertically (and nearly all germinated). This year, I was so proud of myself for planting them all on their side but didn't consider the helum up/down factor. I planted all helum up. None of this kept the French Beans from rotting in the copious amounts of Seattle rain. LOL