Tuesday 1 November 2011

Autumn Round Up

Autumn - Craiglockhart Hill
 We've not had any snow but the season has definitely turned, and it's time to get out and about.  We used our extra hour on Sunday to climb the highest peak in the Pentland Hills:

View toward Edinburgh from Scald Law

Back at home there's graft required at the plot:

 These leeks will be good eating next spring. (The leaf is sorrel)

  First season for artechokes and these appeared:

  The brassica patch is in full production:

Brassica patch
   Another autumn activity, jam and chutney making. Harbinger did manage some ripe fruit but there were plenty of green fruit.




  1. Your plot looks so nice and tidy, free of weeds. Your chutney looks good too. I think its the best thing to do with green tomatoes.

  2. I think we may need to make some beetroot chutney as we still have loads on the plot.

  3. Mmm, let us know what your artichokes taste like. They're a long-term investment, but worth it.

  4. The scenic photos are fab :o) The Craiglockhart one in particular is super!

  5. your artichokes look fab.
    I've dug mine out now having finally accepted they are most definitely inedible spiky cardoons and not artichokes at all!

  6. Shaheen - I use a wide angle lens and only photograph after a weeding session!

    Sue, It's that time of year.

    Linda, I grew these from seed this year, so they'r not that tricky - and they should be better for the next year or two. They do demand space though.

    Ruth, Thanks for that. You've encouraged me to go pictoral for my next post!

    Nic, That's a bit of a let down. Clarissa Dickson Wright is a fan and has recipes for cardoons, but you probably saved yourself more grief by digging them up! (They need to be wrapped in brown paper and tied up to blanche the stems for weeks before picking, and look very eerie as a result)

  7. Well it looks like you've got plenty to be going on with even though the seasons have turned...I have been scouring my cookbooks to find something other than chutney to make with my green tomatoes!!