Saturday 19 November 2011

Focus on salads

It's late November and the temperatures are "high for the time of year". Good news for the late sowings where my new potatoes had been.  Lettuce 'Cocarde'


Lamb's lettuce:

Spinach beat


And the real surprise has been a couple of thriving coriander plants!


  1. Well you can keep the coriander though I have to y I am quite pleased at having a few salad greens left myself....although I do hope we get a cold snap like last year to kill off and nasty bugs in the soil!

  2. We were going to try watercress but never got round to it. Did you plant some bought at the supermarket?

  3. Can't believe how mild it is, the greens look good, I'll give lambs lettuce and cress a try next year.

  4. ooh they look so good.
    At 7 months pregnant I'm finally getting my first cravings and it's for salad!
    That lot would last me a couple of weeks I'd say :o)

  5. Sue - The watercress seeds were a freebie with a (gardening) magazine I bought for a long journey. There was mooli too but I didn't get around to sowing that this year. Just as well as I seem to have gone overboard with radishes this year and didn't include the rows of them in this post.

    Nic - Glad you're keeping your iron up. Can't wait for the "guest appearance" on your blog!

  6. That's a good selection. I still have zombie lettuce and eternal sorrel!