Tuesday 8 November 2011

Escape to the Pentlands

Lending their name to numerous potato varieties* the Pentland Hills on Edinburgh's doorstep offer the chance to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Last Sunday we climbed Capelaw.

Bonaly Resevoir with Edinburgh and the Firth of Forth

Setting off

The Pentland Range

Allermuir Hill and Fala Knowe

Midlothian - Roslin's down there behind the low cloud

Winter sun


Heading back to Edinburgh

*This is the flimsiest excuse for putting these pictures on my allotment blog, but as a matter of fact the Scottish Plant Breeding Station was based at the foot of the Pentlands, near Roslin (behind those clouds) from 1921 to 1981 when they produced various innovative "Pentland" varieties of potatoes, many of which are popular varieties today.


  1. It's your blog - you don't need an excuse.

  2. No excuses needed. In fact it was putting 'Scottish' pictures on my allotment blog that led me to start my Occasional Scotland blog, and now it's rather overtaken my time-poor allotment one.
    I would have said that you were in the western highlands in some of these shots. When we did a house exchange with a family from Los Angeles, going on a walk in the Pentlands was one of the highlights of their stay. It's one of those typical 'we're so lucky but don't make enough use of it' things, having the Pentlands on our doorstep.

  3. I agree with Linda and Sue..it's your blog, do as you wish :) Besides, it's wonderful for readers such as myself, longing to take a trip to Scotland and visit some of my ancestral roots to enjoy the beautiful images in the meantime. One of the reasons I love Linda's blogs. Cheers, Jenni

  4. You don't need an excuse to share such wonderful pictures with us...you are very lucky to have such wonderful views and walks so close to home.