Wednesday 30 November 2011

SAD? Bring on the colour

It's been pretty horrible outside in recent days and with the shorter days there's not much to do outside. I'm not very good about Christmas shopping,  or lists, so I dusted off last year's plot spreadsheet and updated it for next year:

Then I finally got around to listing the seeds left over from this year... and realised I could colour code them too! Anything less than 1.00 is an open packet. The dates are the "sow before" dates

Wow, when it comes down to it,  it doesn't look like I need to buy any seeds after all!  Top up on carrots, leeks and lettuce I reckon. Maybe I can still justify introducing a bit of variety with new varieties that mature at different times.  The brassicas never fail before the best before date, but other open packets might not be as reliable. I don't think I will be growing any more chilli, tomatoes or cucumbers after this year's failures.  By the way, does anyone know which group the radishes should go in?    


  1. Radish are brassicas but must admit we don't stick to a rotation with them - just plant where we can as they are not in very long - they usually go with the lettuces etc.

    I don't like shopping at Christmas either!!

  2. You'll buy more seeds; you know you will. Hundreds of them.

  3. Just as well I can't do spreadsheets, let alone colour them in. With the present weather I might never leave the office, and my loyal troops would have a fit.

  4. It's always good to be well planned for the following season...I always mean to be but this definitely puts me to shame!!

  5. I love the colour coded Excel organisation!