Sunday 9 May 2010

As Returning Officer ....

...for the constituency of Mal's Greenhouse I hereby declare that the winner is...

Oh take a look yourself:

Here's a count of some of the ballot papers:

And here's the happy candidates.

And just in case you haven't got it yet, The parties standing are:

BLDF - Barlotti
PL - Painted Lady
SE - Scarlet Emporer

Other candidates participating are from:

PB - Pea Bean
DFB - Dwarf French Bean
DRKB - Dwarf Red Kidney Bean

Their showing hasn't been very good so far.

The votes are not all in yet so a result cannot be declared on the main issue about orientation, but the first ward to return a result is Scarlet Emporer, and the first of those to emerge was orientation "down".

I promise to give a more sober statistical analysis once the results are all in.


  1. Well your beans are looking healthy...I put mine in the ground a couple of weeks back as they already had runners on but they didn't look too good after the frost...fingers crossed they pick themselves back up!

  2. This is one constituency the greens will always win.

  3. Very droll! And interestingly scientific as well.

  4. Very good Mal, trust you had enough ballot papers?

  5. I hate to tell you but the runner beans want a new pole (each)!