Thursday 13 May 2010

Jack Frost and the Beanstalk

Like everyone I've been contending with the nip of frost lately. Yesterday there was snow on the hills outside Edinburgh (The Pentlands) until the afternoon! I've mounded my spuds and covered my coriander with fleece. But back at home I've lost faith in my plastic "mini"/"walk in" greenhouses and have been carting trays of seedlings indoors overnight. One or two beans have gone a bit yellow at the edges but they're still comming on strong despite the day/night temperature variation under plastic. Maybe this weekend will be the turn...

In the meantime the keen eyed among you will spot a new link I've added (rather apositely in the Links section) to a highly commendable site: Tracey, aside fom being a model horticulturalist, clearly has a "dot com" web capability and an admirable enthusiasm for have-a-go science, however banal. I am complemented that she's featured my Quixotic escapade on her site. Have a look!

And to shake of the frosty gloom

Here's some spring flowers in the wild today:


  1. Nice photos the beans are coming on well.

  2. oooh, we got hit with frost a few days ago over here... i darn near lost everything. i have been watching the forecast like a hawk since my plants were wintersown and in the mini tower type greenhouses, but the forecast called for night time lows of 5 degrees higher than actual. even some of my landscape plants got nipped badly.
    the strange 'early spring' has done me no favors in my part of this country. although i am enjoying the weather, it played a mean trick on the growing things.

    thanks for sharing the igrowveg site, interesting!

  3. It seems many people have had frost damage. I'm quite glad now that I'm a little behind in planting things out. The wildflowers are lovely.

  4. The beans look good - ours are going in this weekend

  5. Glad your beans are still holding out for you...I guess you've had colder temps to contend with than me as I haven't seen any snow so I guess i should quite complaining.......