Saturday 15 May 2010

Love a duck

... or 5 ducklings. New arrivals on the canal this week:

I've added a couple of comparison pictures taken today to the "It's not Rocket Science" entry. I'll be doing the analysis of the results soon.

It's such a lovely morning I got a bit snap happy today.

Do you know what this is?

Answer: Pasque Flower (Latin name Pulsatilla) Credit to Izzy and Mojo!

When the sun shines walking the dog feels like a walk in the park


  1. The wispy thing is from a clematis, isn't it??
    What park is that? I'm guessing it's on the South Side, and I'm not too well acquainted with the parks there.

    Yes, it's a beautiful day. Saving the allotmenting for tomorrow and hoping it doesn't rain.

  2. such glorious photos..and you still have blossom!!!

    I took the camera on my walk today but never got it out.....never mind...maybe next time!!

  3. It looks like confetti on the ground from all that blossom. What a gorgeous walk.

  4. Hi Linda - That's Harrison Park which benefits from having the Union Canal bordering one side of it.

    Clematis has a similar silky thread seed head, but this is another plant that flowers at this time of year.

    Walking the dog has its benefits (even if it is at 7.30 on a weekend morning)

  5. My pulsatilla looks like that after flowering.

    Beautiful pictures of a park.

  6. Izzy,Mojo, you've both got it, and I've added a flower picture above.

  7. Such a pity when the blossom falls - our fish think it is food as much of it ends up in the pond