Thursday 6 May 2010

State of Emergence

I'd like to report an incident

Let me take down the details

Runner Bean Scarlet Emporer is the quickest off the mark.

You'd think it was easy to tell when a seed had emerged? Well, I've discovered beans grumble for a bit before they erupt.

Then they stick their necks out

before lifting their head.

Spot the dilemma:

So, I've decided that (for the purposes of this experiment) a bean seed has only "emerged" once the first two leaves have lifted above the soil level.


  1. you may need to set up a tripod for the inevitable photo-finish :o)

  2. I sowed my runner beans 2 weeks ago. I hope to see them emerged this weekend.

  3. well which way was this planted??? how long before we know if ti makes a difference as to which way round you plant them?? I put some dwarf beans in last saturday but to be honest forgot to pay too much attention as to which way they went in the pot!! Sorry

  4. I wondered that too - which one was it?